Get ready to brighten November with acts of kindness because the Lake Country Kindness Challenge is officially here, and it’s going to be amazing! We’ve put together a month-long list of heartwarming activities to make our world shine, one beautiful act of kindness at a time.

Your Daily Acts of Kindness Calendar:

These kindness challenges are simple yet powerful, bringing positivity and warmth to our beloved Lake Country.

Save the calendar photo so you can easily reference these daily challenges. And once you’ve completed them, remember to tag us in your posts on social media (@teamtrimblerecollective)! We’ll be checking in every day on our socials to remind you of the day’s challenge and share in the excitement!

Use the hashtag #LakeCountryKindnessChallenge to spread the love throughout our community!

We’re excited to start this journey of kindness with you. Get ready because this is going to be awesome!