Have you ever noticed that while everyone has been acting frantic over the higher interest rates, we’ve been over here, sipping our PSL, calm and steady? 

It’s not ignorance…it’s confidence. In the midst of climbing interest rates, we are confident we can still help buyers buy a home they love and feel good about.

The secret? Flipping the script.

It’s not, “higher interest rates mean we should wait to buy.”

It’s, “What if higher interest rates actually meant less competition in the market?”

It’s not, “Homes are no longer affordable.”

It’s, “So many more terms can be negotiated for my best interest.”

It’s not, “There’s no way I could buy something now.”

It’s, “My agent will connect me to a few lenders so they can walk me through my purchasing options!” You might be pleasantly surprised!

The only way to decide if it’s a good time to buy for yourself is to explore your options. Let’s chat and come up with a game plan you feel good about!


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