Gratitude & Impact

We are humbled and honored to be featured on the front cover of the June issue of Milwaukee Real Producers magazine. ?

We are grateful to be in business with such a great group of women Katy Thomas, Bethany Ann Stehling-Clark, Kara Schroeder, and Kathy Snedeker Popovich and for ALL THE CLIENTS we’ve had the privilege of working with over the years!

Since our very inception we’ve been spreading the love of the communities in which we live and working to make an impact #loveliveandgive. We’re in the business of caring for people and our communities and real estate is the platform in which we do it. And we couldn’t be more proud to be recognized for staying true to this founding philosophy.

Check out the full article here – it’s fun to read about how it all began, including how “Twins in Two Cities” dared to dream about getting into business together! For any of you out there thinking about a next chapter — we’re here to encourage you to do so!