Part of our WHY at Team Trimble is connecting people and community. We are so excited for 2022 and being together again! We have a host of upcoming events, which we have either created or are participating as a sponsor. We already participated in Lake Country Community Fest and we met so many fantastic people!  

Next up is an event we’ve created to showcase Third Ward living. In partnership with The Broadway, we’ve hosting Broadway Day, April 21.  A day with FREE events for the community to connect with each other and have a little fun! Open to the public, so join us in the morning for Yoga and Coffee or Cookout and Cocktails in the evening! Even if you don’t live in the Third Ward, it’s a great way to enjoy a little urban lifestyle!

Bethany Clark is Team Trimble’s Third Ward Ambassador and will be hosting this event.  For more info, scan the QR code, or call/text Bethany!